The specialized language school Giannikaki founded in 1998 by Eugenia Giannikaki with degree in the University of Rome''La Sapienza''and  holder of Master's Degree in School Psychology and Stavros Iliadis also with degree in the University of Rome''La Sapienza''and holder of Master's Degree in School Psychology.

The specificity of K.X.G. Giannikaki Italian and Spanish languages, providing education level, our successes in Italy and Spain SA, both undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as diplomas in language skills in Italian and Spanish languages, give us strength to continue with even more enthusiasm and love for what we do.

Both our teachers, and the Directorate and its partners, have academic and professional experience abroad, are monitoring developments internationally informed and continually monitor new methods of teaching seminars, to the best educational results. The Foreign Language Center, we will not only get to get a degree in the trials. We win a lot more - as the effective learning of foreign language and becoming familiar with the culture.

Our Philosophy

We strive for mastery of language and communication. Through our teaching, the student is encouraged to participate in discussions to resolve any communication problems, leading to complete and deliver complex messages. 
In this way our students builds vocabulary, linguistic expressions and grammar - syntax and fail to speak out with meaning. So they can make a verbal communication with securities transactions, acquiring bases and supplies to help them excel in the best universities worldwide.

This philosophy guides us to knowledge in depth and what we learn from the experiences of previous years, make sure to convert to further improvements and innovations for the coming years, which our students observe daily.