Why learn Italian ? 
A delicious pasta was not the only reason we love Italy, the people and language. It's more a desire to speak the language and music is to be initiated in the rich artistic heritage.

What is the most widely recognized patents in the Italian language? 
The most recognized degrees in Italy and across Europe are the Celi (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

At what level can one cope with the problems of everyday life? 
The Celi 2 is the level-limits. Certifies skills italomathi an independent, who can respond adequately to the needs of a trip, make complaints, to manage in an unpredictable situation in the transport, make a friendly discussion and to support his personal view.

How much time needed to obtain the patent Celi 3; 
A student needs three years to give the diploma Celi 3. Adults with good knowledge of other languages and systematic study may limit the duration to 2 years to acquire this degree.

To provide a higher degree in the examination must hold the past? 
The patent does not operate a chain reaction. Obtaining a higher degree does not require the possession of the preceding. Each candidate may appear on diploma examinations anyone who wants whenever he wants.

How often are tests conducted? 
The examinations are held three times per year: November, March and June.

Possible preparation for those interested in school introduced Spanish Literature; 
Absolutely. The Center is our section covering the full level of knowledge required on entrance exams.


Why learn Spanish? 
Apart from the possibility of contact with much of the world's population (380 million people speak Spanish worldwide), the cooperation of our country in economic and business with companies from the Spanish-speaking countries and increasingly expanding. We must not forget that Spanish is the second official language in the United States of America.

It is easy to learn Spanish? 
The Spanish-based Latin alphabet. Therefore, the learning is not particularly difficult, especially if the student knows even a Latin-origin languages (English, French, Italian, etc.).

What qualifications can obtain one in Spanish? 
The diplomas can get someone in Spanish is Inicial, the Intermedio, avanzado and Superior.

How often are tests conducted? 
The conduct of examinations for the acquisition of these degrees are three times per year, every November ,May and July.

Possible preparation for those interested in school introduced Spanish Literature; 
Absolutely. The Center is part of our covered fully and successfully the knowledge required in the entrance exams for admission to the Spanish literature section.

I am fascinated by Spanish culture, but not interested in acquiring a diploma certifying knowledge of Spanish. Is there a part I can attend? 
Of course. With us they can come and those who love Spanish but do not want to undergo the examination for a diploma. Stress-free approach to language, culture, literature, poetry, songs, history and lifestyle of Hispanic people.